“ExtrFoam XPS” Extruded Foam Polystyrene


“ExtrFoam XPS” Extruded Foam Polystyrene is a striking example of new generation heat insulators. It is ideal for solution of heat economy problem. Here are some basic advantages of the material:

  • low working heat conductivity;
  • low thermal expansion;
  • minimal water absorption (the lowest among the known heat insulating materials);
  • structural stability in wide range of temperature;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • resistance to biological influence (decay) makes it irreplaceable for civil and industrial engineering of heat insulation;

ExtrFoam XPS is irreplaceable for heat insulation of protecting constructions, basements and cellar walls, floors over cold cellars and floor heating. It made possible the use of new technologies and constructions of roof covering.

ExtrFoam XPS sheets can be used in any weather. They are easy to assemble and cut with a knife. There is no need for additional waterproofing. Service properties of the material are valid for no less than 50 years.

Having compared thickness of different materials equal in heat transmission resistance (dehydrated medium), we have the following result:

1. Extruded Foam Polystyrene

20 mm

2. Foam Plastic

30-40 mm

3. Mineral

40-50 mm

4. Wood

170-320 mm

5. Cellular

270-400 mm

6. Brick


Parameter «ExtrFoam 35» Foam Plastic Mineral Cotton
Average Density kg/m3 From 33,0 to 38,0 From 25 to 35 From 9 to 32
Compression Strength at 10% deformation, MPa, no less than 0,25 0,16 0,08
Water absorption for 24 hours % of volume, no more than 0,20 1 5
Heat Conductivity at (25±5)0C V/0C, no more than 0,028 0,033 0,037-0,046


ExtrFoam heat insulated sheets are produced by modern equipment by means of extrusion and foaming of granular polystyrene. Freon mixture is usually used for its foaming. In the process of production polystyrene is mixed with different compounding materials. Thus, the material becomes unimflammable and gets some other features special for this type of heaters. Due to the dye ExtrFoam sheets have an identity light blue colour. Talc is also added to the mixture to protect the material from redents.

Thanks to their compound cellular structure ExtrFoam sheets are waterproof and have compression strength. Thus, Extruded foam polystyrene ExtrFoam is not self-destructing in contrast to general foam plastic.