Building and assembly jobs

“Tvertrubplast” Ltd has a long-term partnership with “Soyuzstroyplast” building company.

“Soyuzstroyplast” Ltd specializes in construction of utility networks of “Tvertrubplast” Ltd polyethylene pipes from 20 to 1200 mm in diameter. The company designes, builds and reconstructs gas conduits, water-supply, sewage (domestic, storm and drainage) and heat networks and fiber-optic communication lines, as well.

“Soyuzstroyplast” Ltd has a whole service system (beginning with basic data for designing, building or repair and to commission of a new object) for realization of modern engineering infrastructure.

“Soyuzstroyplast” Ltd uses progressive methods of production and high-technology equipment in its work. The company builds utility networks out of polyethylene pipes produced by foreign and Russian leading companies. Only qualified and specially trained personnel works in the company.

“Soyuzstroyplast” Ltd builds utility networks by open (trench) method as well as by trenchless one.

Here are some trenchless ways of utility construction:

  • directed horizontal drilling which is more effective for pipelining under roads, railways and water barriers;
  • drawing of a new pipe into a present out of fix one. This method is the cheapest. It is possible only at flow capacity decrease.
  • static destruction of an old pipe and a laying of a new one on its place. This method needs no decrease of a pipe flow capacity (diameter). On the contrary it can be increased.
  • sanitation of destructed pipelines. Due to the polymer liner which is laid into an old pipe destroyed lines get fixed without any change of diameter.

Advantages of a traditional open (trench) method of utility networks construction from polyethylene pipes in comparison with metal ones: construction cost is one third less, labour intensiveness is lower and less terms of construction. At the construction of trenchless utility networks by means of polyethylene pipes one should take into consideration all the stages and parameters of building. Comparing to metal pipes construction of this type is more expensive, but it is three times faster. There is no much excavation work and possibility of communication damage. The work is carried out without blocking of traffic or destructions in cities and villages. Discomfort caused to people is minimal and short-term. Technological and exploitation parameters of the pipes do not become worse. Besides, a polyethylene pipe is much more durable than a steel one and does not need any additional measures for corrosion protection.

“Soyuzstroyplast” Ltd constructs chanelless lining of heat networks using polyurethane foam insulated pipes. As a steel pipe is in a polyethylene jacket there is no necessity of channels for heating main construction. It reduces the costs and terms of work considerably. At the same time it does not lessen technical characteristics and working life of such heating mains in comparison with ones of metal insulated pipes.